About Us

Shaiq Network, a multi-disciplinary private organization, was established on 20th August 1996. Since its inception the organization has carried outa number philanthropic and for profit projects in the fields of Health, Engineering, Education, and Media in the eastern Afghanistan. The organization is headquartered at Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. At a glance, the organization has successfully implemented the over leaf projects for the sake of community development, empowerment, and welfare  

Mission & Values

“To become Afghanistan’s leading Media Company and philanthropic organization of an emerging market. As a corporation, we must be driven by innovation and creativity and would focus on growth while delivering exceptional value to our customers, our viewers and all our stakeholders.”

Customer Focus

Our company’s strategies are driven by the needs of the customer. Our success can be measured by the satisfaction achieved by our customer.


We accord a high premium to maintaining superlative standards throughout our Company. We encourage our employees to come up with smarter ideas within the fastest possible time.


Key to our value system is innovation and originality. We recognize and have a high regard for individual expression and creative freedom in our quest to provide customer satisfaction.

Growth Driven

We are committed to delivering consistent revenue and cash flow growth in order to provide our shareholders a good return. Our objective is to grow our people, community, market, and businesses across the country.

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